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Thri-Kreen of Athas: There are six species of Thri-Kreen in the Tyr Region as well as three subspecies located beyond the Jagged Cliffs. All have four arms and a strong exoskeleton.

Special Features:

  • Never Sleep
  • Natural Ambidexterity
  • Strong Natural Psionics
  • Venomous Bite
  • True 180' Vision



Tuesday, July 25 - 2019

Project Status


Two developers are working on an new engine for DarkSun 1, with the intent to produce a Darksun 2 remake and DarkSun Online Crimson Sand afterwards.

Right now we are able to load images from the resource files and have started on putting a GUI together.

Naturally further help is desire, we are looking for: What will help:

  • Developers: There is a lot of coding involved and help with deciphering old resource files (.GFF) and building a client/server will help.
  • Manager/Task Master: Oneline project are notoriously hard to keep everything straight and everyone on the right track. Anyone with detail-oriented task based management would help. This will especially be an issue once the team grows.
  • Testers: These are always needed. The more testing done up front the quicker this project will complete. Testers can be from simply running code on your machine to writing unit tests. All types are welcomed.
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs): Sadly, few of us were able to play DSO: Crimson Sand (I, personally, had no money at the time.) So people who played DSO: Crimson Sand are need to help guide the look feel and mechanics of the old system.

There is interest in getting the old DSO Crimson Sand Server up and running. If anyone legally has the source code for the server, please message me on the forums! I'd love to get that thing back up and running!

As always post in the forums (Community tab) or just say hi!

Paul West
Project Dev




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